Maintaining an experienced staff of IT and computer technicians, iTOK offers individual customers and small enterprise owners affordable and effective support and troubleshooting services. iTOK.NET technical experts guide customers through resolving both simple and complex issues spanning application installation, spyware and virus protection, software functionality, and system maintenance. iTOK combines real-time remote assistance with dedicated screen-capture technologies that ensure that computer users and technicians are working to solve the same issue. 

Led by co-founders Seth Bailey and Sean Miller, iTOK was launched as an entrepreneurial venture in 2004. The company pioneered managed-remote tech-support services aimed at the growing residential market. Over the years, iTOK.NET has steadily expanded its leading-edge business process and technological capacities, and has entered into strategic partnerships with companies such as Eleventures and Comcast Corporation. The award-winning iTOK team has achieved recognition from Mountain West Capital Network as the region’s ninth-fastest growing firm.

Recognizing that users’ network requirements have expanded beyond computers to include mobile devices, televisions, and peripherals such as wireless routers, the iTOK.NET team has support experience in virtually every area of home and small business connectivity. iTOK’s proprietary HelpDesk application puts customers within a single click of experienced assistance. Personalized services are facilitated through the iTOK ScreenShare system, which enables technicians to remotely view the exact same screen and see the issues computer users are experiencing. 

Standard iTOK services are priced competitively, with most issues requiring only 15 to 45 minutes to fully resolve. Should completed iTOK work fail to adequately address the issue, or should the problem reoccur within a five-day timeframe, customers can receive reasonable assistance at no cost. For the iTOK guarantee to be valid in the case of anti-spyware assistance and virus removal, customers must fully update and install recommended protection during the help session or prior to accessing the Internet. To learn more about iTOK.NET’s full range of IT support and computer maintenance solutions, visit

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